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Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. is an independent, unbiased, telecom consulting firm dedicated to helping preserve private property rights, while securing competitive Video (Cable TV), Data (Internet) and Voice (Telephone) options for residential communities across the country. With over 30-years of experience working for and with premier cable, telephone and cellular telecommunications companies, we’re committed to obtaining the most innovative telecommunications services, at the best pricing available for our clients. Providing services nationwide, we have an excellent track record and a solid reputation among our clients.

We Negotiate New, Renewal, Early Renewal and Early Termination Agreement Options

for Exclusive Marketing, Bulk Cable TV and Internet Agreements.

Working directly for residential developers, multifamily property owners, property management companies, condominium and homeowner associations, we obtain multiple competitive proposals from leading service providers, then provide a summary and an analysis to our client for review. YOU, our client, then select the "bulk-billed" and/or "individually-billed" service and contract options that best meet the product and pricing needs of your communityWe have been very successful in negotiating new and renewal access, exclusive marketing and bulk cable agreement contracts resulting collectively in millions of dollars in savings and compensation for residential communities.

We at Broadband Agreement Specialists work for YOU as your advocate with the telecom service providers.  We empower you to make the best possible decisions by facilitating the due diligence and negotiations on your behalf.   Our fees are on a contingency, hourly, or project basis, depending on size and scope, with a focus to obtain maximum savings and/or compensation from service providers on behalf of our clients

Local and national telecom providers offer a host of quality product options and are the experts in their respective fields.  Broadband Agreement Specialists, Inc. is YOUR expert and advocate when working with service providers.  Leveraging our relationships with the major telecom service providers, we will work to solicit proposals, analyze, negotiate, work with your legal counsel and ultimately help you to secure the telecommunications options and financial compensation arrangements that best serve the needs of your community.  Give us a call today for a free consultation.


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